About Us

Our History

Our institution is located in the outskirts of Sankarankovil, Near the New Bus stand. We are providing not only education on international standards, but also making them responsible persons of this society. We have been running this institution since 1995. The school was started in a very building with strength of nearly 120 Students with 10 teachers.

Now it's running with more than 1600 students with many places around us and 85 staff-members (including teaching and non-teaching). We have secured 100% in all matric examinations results so far. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities along the academics to find the latent talent of every child. Our extra - Curricular activities include Yoga, Skating, Dance (Both Classical and non - Classical), Silambam (A true pride of thamizhan which is on the verge of extinction). Our children got many prizes in the competitions organized by many esteemed institutions and several organizations including the programs organized by the State Government of Tamilnadu. Our school is well-known School in Sankarankovil and proffering quality education to the students to improve their knowledge and gain success to achieve challenges at greater heights.There are lot of schools in Sankarankovil but its achievement is the main role to come top school

Our students got a chance to represent India in the Asian Chess tournament held at Singapore in 2007. We got the champion of Champions trophy in the State level Yoga Competition last year and more over our students got many trophies in State level roller skating too. We are encouraging the students by the introduction of various clubs. The students learn many things through the club. They are able to interact through it. The school is now built with stunning infrastructure which are necessary to fulfill the student’s need. For the Past 17 Year's service.

Our Profile

Schools in Sankarankovil

Mrs. I. Thilagavathi M.A., M.Ed.,
Principal / Secretary

Schools in Sankarankovil

Mr. S.K. Rajesh Kanna M.Sc.,
Managing Director

Schools in Sankarankovil

Mr. N. Palaniselvam M.sc., M.Ed., M.Phil.,
Head Master

Academic Success

SGAMS achieves excellent exam results by being dedicated to excellence in all areas and by encouraging students to work hard and do well. The teachers at SGAMS are constantly motivating and inspiring students to give their 100% to all that they do. The spiritual curriculum in particular keeps the students grounded and well-prepared for studying enthusiastically and achieving top results.

Relatively small class sizes allow the teachers to give individual attention to the students and ample support in the evenings too. The children get regular feedback and guidance from their teachers and their progress is carefully monitored. Parents are also given opportunity to discuss their child's academic development.

The school library is visited regularly by all students. It has an impressive collection of academic and reference books, as well as journals and periodicals. Outside the library in the courtyard there are National and International newspapers on display so that students can get the most up-to-date information on current affairs. To improve students' vocabulary and broaden their horizons, the library also has a wide selection of fiction books. Everywhere young Indians are scoring success with their performances in science and technology, commerce and art.

Vision & Philosophy

An individual differs from others due to his vision of life, which includes his values and ideals. To develop the right vision in our children is to create a generation of truly Educated, Refined and Noble citizens, Inspired and Equipped to serve the world in various capacities, thereby fulfilling their lives. The purpose of education is the overall unfolding and gentle blossoming of the child at Physical, Emotional, Intellectual and Spiritual levels of his/her personality. True education complements academic excellence with character and personality development. SGAMS provides the best environment where the student can unfold within and shine without.